Moving TWW to disposal facilities

Preservative TWW shall be shipped or transported in a manner that prevents unauthorized access; protects it from precipitation, and prevents loss, dispersion, and migration of TWW constituents.

TWW may be sent or transported to another TWW handler only if that handler agrees to receive the TWW.

TWW is not allowed to be sent or transported to a place other than:

  • an approved landfill, transfer or processing station
  • small volume construction and demolition/inert debris processing operation
  • limited volume transfer operation, or 
  • a gasification facility.

A handler may transport TWW collected at a remote site for consolidation if all the following conditions are met:

  • The consolidation site and the remote site are operated by the TWW handler
  • The TWW is transported by the handler, employees of the handler, or by the handler’s agent.

When the TWW is being transported, the following information must accompany the shipment:

  • The weight or volume of TWW transported.
  • The location of the remote site where the TWW was initially collected.
  • The date the handler began to accumulate the TWW at the remove site.
  • The date the TWW leaves the remote site.
  • The date the TWW arrives at the consolidation site.
  • The name, address and telephone number of the generator, and. if different. the address and telephone number of the consolidation site from where the TWW is being transported
  • The name of the individual(s) who transport the TWW from the remote site to the consolidation site.