TWW uses restricted by the state of California

While it is possible to repurpose preservative-treated wood, the state of California has adopted the following specific prohibitions for TWW after it is removed from its original application:

  • TWW may not be burned in open flame, fireplaces or residential boilers.
  • TWW may not be scavenged for other uses.
  • TWW may not be comingled with other waste prior to disposal, if previously segregated.
  • TWW may not be stored in contact with the ground or water.
  • TWW may not be recycled except as provided in the reuse section of the statute.
  • TWW may not be resized, except for¬†minimal cutting, breaking, or sawing to facilitate transport or reuse. If size reduction of the TWW results in sawdust, particles or other material smaller than one cubic inch, the material must be captured and managed as TWW.
  • TWW may not be chipped into mulch for landscaping, animal bedding or other uses.
  • Any label, mark, or end tag that identifies the wood as preservative-treated wood shall not be intentionally removed, obliterated, defaced, or destroyed prior to disposal in an approved landfill.
  • TWW may only be disposed at a landfill approved by the California State Water Resources Control Board.