Serving the preserved wood industry since 1947

For more than 75 years, Western Wood Preservers Institute has represented the interests of the preserved wood products industry throughout western North America. The membership consists of companies that manufacture products, are directly affiliated or provide a service to the preserved wood industry.

WWPI works on behalf of its members to increase public understanding and confidence in preserved wood products and secure reasonable and economic regulations regarding the production and use of these products. Guided by an active membership, the Institute offers a variety of services to educate those using and regulating preservative-treated products.

The Institute maintains these websites to provide critical information about preserved wood products:

  • – for sawn preserved wood products used in residential, commercial and infrastructure applications.
  • – for wood products pressure treated with fire retardants that are used in residential, commercial and industrial structures.
  • – for preservative-treated wood poles used to carry electricity and digital services throughout North America.
  • – details the services and membership of the Institute.